It is no accident that the most beautiful buildings are positioned at crossroads and on show across multiple vantage points. They offer a cross section of the everyday life, they force a decision in people - which way will a passerby turns and how will this affect what they come across or experience. This series focused on capturing the crossroads and crumbling facades of Havana. The architecture feels like different moments in the history of the city frozen in time, coupled with its famous old American cars, life and a light that brings the colours alive. It is a fascinating melée to watch.

The crossroads gave me the perfect vantage point to capture a cross section of architecture and life. Seeing many angles at once it was fascinating to see which passers by would interact and consider what making a decision to follow a different path would do to their experience and my photograph. Photographed over a period of hours I would then go and composite the key moments into one final piece, capturing - like a piece of architecture - moments in time from my shoot. This series was exhibited as part of Vestige Cities in Paris in 2010.